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    VIASEAL UREA 40/70

    VIASEAL UREA 40/70 is used as spray applied, crack-bridging waterproofing coating for a variety of applications in the construction industry. Applications include tanking, subterranean concrete structures, podium decks, waterproofing layer in car park deck coating systems, tunnel portals, firefighting water tanks and wet rooms.

    It can also be used as abrasion resistant coating for truck bed linings, loading ramps, metal protection in the handling and transport abrasive materials such as sand, gravel etc.

    Other applications include secondary containment, waste water treatment plants and conduits.

    The spray application and the fast curing properties allow vertical and over-head application. 

    Product description-

    VIASEAL UREA 40/70 is a highly elastic, solvent free, two component polyuria spray coating.

    The product has excellent mechanical properties in a temperature range from -40C to +120C (short-term stress). The elasticity of VIASEAL UREA 40/70 guarantees the crack bridging and waterproofing properties. The material is spray applied and cures almost without shrinkage. It can be applied up to several mm thick in a multipass application.

    Coatings based on aromatic polyuria are not color stable and will turn yellow when exposed to UV light. We recommend the application of a color stable top coat in exposed applications.

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