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    VIASEAL HYBRID 15/60 is used as spray applied, crack-bridging waterproofing coating for a variety of applications in the construction industry. Applications include tanking, subterranean concrete structures, podium decks, and water-proofing layer in car park deck coating systems, tunnel portals, firefighting water tanks and wet rooms.


    Product description-

    VIASEAL HYBRID 15/60 is a highly elastic, solvent free, two component polyurethane/polyuria hybrid spray coating.

    The elasticity of VIASEAL HYBRID 15/60 guarantees the crack-bridging and waterproofing properties. The material is spray applied and cures almost without shrinkage. It can be applied up to several mm thick in a multi pass application.

    Coatings based on aromatic isocyanates are not color stable and will yellow when exposed to UV light. We recommend the application of a weather resistant, color stable top coat in exposed applications.

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