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    PROTECTOBIT is available in roll form, one metre wide x ten metres long or other lengths upon request PROTECTOBIT is flexible and can be ‘formed, around curved or rounded surfaces. PROTECTOBIT, whilst not designed as a waterproofing material impervious to water, giving additional overall security to any waterproofing system.


    Typical uses for PROTECTOBIT include foundation walls and between slab construction such as parking garage docks planter boxes, pools, kitchens, bathrooms,  plaza decks, roof terraces, tunnels and promenade decks. etc.

    PROTECTOBIT has been specially developed to provide a strong protective barrier for delicate waterproofing systems, thus Preventing penetration by sharp aggregate during back filling operations and damage from light construction traffic.


    PROTECTOBIT protection Membrane is a flexible material constructed on a strong 250 gm/m2 non-woven polyester base which has been impregnated and coated with a mixture of bitumen modified with plastomers and addivities. These combined properties make PROTECTOBIT resistant to mechanical shock


    PROTECTOBIT Protection membrane is installed to provide a continuous protective layer over waterproofing membrane. On horizontal surfaces, the material is simply unrolled and butt jointed. Trim around any projections with a sharp knife. On vertical surfaces. the material should be temporarily held in place o fixed with DERMAPLAST using the Spot Bonded Method. If necessary, joints may be covered with a suitable tape.

    Alternatively, PROTECTOBIT may be welded in position by heating its lower surface with a propane torch during unrolling. taking care to avoid damage to the waterproofing material with the naked flame.

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