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    MASTERSEAL 581 THOROSEAL Cement Slurry

    MASTERSEAL 581 is a cement based waterproofing material that forms a brushable slurry when mixed with specified quantity of water, for coating on to prepared concrete and masonary surfaces.

    The coating cures to form a water impermeable membrane with excellent adhesion to the substrate.

    For improved adhesion and performance, MASTERSEAL 581 can be mixed with a solution of acrylic based polymer such as MASTERSEAL 600 (Thoro Acryl 60). Consult BASF Construction Chemicals for advice.


    MASTERSEAL 581 is designed to be used as an effective waterproofing membrane on a variety of substrates.

    Applications include:

    • waterproof coatings to the internal faces of water tanks, sumps, reservoirs, planter boxes etc., before tiling or other surface finishing.
    • treating terraces, balconies, kitchen & toilet floors as a sandwich treatment, to prevent water ingress.

    Resistant to weathering: Suitable for use on both exterior and interior surfaces.

    Permeable to water vapours: Allows surface to breath, preventing build up of vapour pressure.

    Brushable consistency:Easy to apply by brush or spray.

    Can be polymer modified: Improved bond strength on a variety of substrates and superior mechanmical properties.

    Non toxic: Can be applied on surfaces in contact with drinking water.

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