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    CONIPUR M 810

    CONIPUR M 810 is a solvent free, two component waterproofing membrane. It is highly reactive and can only be applied by special, two component spray equipment. 

    Fields of application

    CONIPUR M 810 is intended for use in general waterproofing applications such as car park decks, podium decks, cut and cover tunnelling, and other areas where there is no requirement for a fire retardant system. Using the appropriate primer, CONIPUR M 810 can be applied to most substrates including concrete, bituminous substrate, steel, timber, glass reinforced polyester. 

    Features and benefits
    • fast reacting
    • high build capability
    • application to vertical surface without runs
    • easy application to complicated details
    • fast installation
    • monolithic – no laps, welds or seams
    • fully bonded
    • high water vapor permeability – low risk of blistering
    • excellent mechanical properties
    • excellent crack bridging capability
    • resistant to puncture
    • resistant to standing water
    • thermoset – does not soften at elevated temperatures
    • remains elastic at low temperatures; Tg approx. – 45° C
    • solvent free

    EU Regulation 2004/42
    (Decopaint Guideline)

    This product conforms to the EU directive 2004/42/EG (Deco-Paint directive) and contains less than the maximum allowable VOC limit (Stage 2, 2010). According to the EU directive 2004/42, the maximum allowable VOC content for the Product Category IIA / j is 500 g/l (Limit: Stage 2, 2010). The VOC content for CONIPUR M 810 is < 500 g/l (for the ready to use product).

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