• Rm 2905 29/F ,Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong     (852) 2833 6828
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    ALADIN® is a structural sealing joint system comprised of a neoprene profile, which is air-pressurized and bonded in place with a specially formulated epoxy adhesive. When properly installed, the high performance ALADIN® joint system will not tear away, protrude out of, or slip from its original position when exposed to repeated mechanical or thermal movements. Complete adhesion of the epoxy to the profile and joint wall is achieved due to the air inflation during installation. ALADIN® is the most durable, versatile, cost-effective, and watertight expansion joint in the industry.

    Two different types of ALADIN® neoprene profile are available and each is available in a range of sizes to meet particular project requirements:

    • W-type profiles with 100% movement capability are used for dynamic movement, for example for bridges, viaducts, tunnels, car park structures and water management applications.
    • FW-type profiles are used for movement applications that require a flush-to-finish system, for example pedestrian traffic areas, industrial buildings, airport terminals and car park structures, but are also suitable for most W-type profile applications. 
    • Sealing joints in elevated highways, stadiums, tunnels, and other engineered structures.
    • Expansion joints requiring multidirectional movement ofthe structure without joint system failure.
    • Linear, angular, or circular expansion joint applications.
    • Parking Structures requiring a watertight system. 


    • The W profile design provides+/-50% movement, while also allowing for multi-directional movement. The FW profile is ADA compliant and provides +/- 35% movement. ALADIN® will conform to vertical and horizontal directional changes, T-intersections, and varied gap dimensions.
    • Fabricated on site to suit site conditions.
    • Bonds directly to concrete or steel if required.
    • Differential, rotational and shear movement accommodated.

    Rapid installation

    • Designed to facilitate rapid return to service by means of pressurization. By minimizing downtime and improving productivity, structure can be fully operational in record time.

    Unique Design

    • Engineered from durable neoprene material, ALADIN® profiles have outstanding resistance to degradation from ozone, weathering, oils, and most other chemicals. The sidewall ribbing maximizes the available epoxyadhesive surface bond area. A two-component,solventless, non-sag epoxy adhesive is provided toensure a tenacious bond between the profile andconcrete, steel, or Wabo® Crete II.
    • Inflation during installation ensures a completelywatertight bonded system.
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    Technical Data Sheet
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