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    Delta ARC Membrane

    The Delta Anti-Reflective Cracking Membrane is an innovative high strength waterproof sheet layer designed to extend the life of pavements and asphalt wearing courses by protecting surfaces against reflective cracking.

    The Anti-Reflective Cracking Membrane forms a waterproof surface that reduces the level of moisture absorbed into the base layer while providing high strength reinforcement that spreads loadings on road surfaces showing early signs of cracking. This unique self-adhesive bituminous sheet, based on advanced polymer reinforcement technology, has been specifically designed to for asphalt overlays and can be applied directly to intermediate layers or existing asphalt surfaces before finishing over with a new asphalt wearing course.

    Traditional methods of repairing cracked pavements with reinforcing fabrics, geotextile materials or new sheeting layers etc. allows water ingress through wearing courses into base layers. This retained water in the base layer is forced upwards when heavy traffic is applied to the wearing course, commencing the reflective cracking process where water is pushed up into fine surface cracks with the cycle of cracks becoming more severe, wider in size and in larger spans, leading to the inevitable break down of road surfaces. Furthermore, the application of asphalt over fabrics is often not uniform due to the difficulty in controlling the fabric over the prepared surface, with wrinkling and rippled sections of the fabric.

    The Delta Anti-Reflective Cracking Membrane when covered with a hot applied wearing course provides a bitumen layer that bonds and binds the new and existing surfaces as one body, with outstanding adhesion properties, optimum strength and a

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    Technical Data Sheet
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