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    HLM 5000 Liquid cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system

    Where to Use HLM 5000® Above grade between two-course concrete and within cavity walls. Exterior below grade on masonry, concrete, and incidental metal. Parking garages. Plaza decks and malls. Fountains and pools. Balconies and planters. Bridges and highways. Below-grade slabs.

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    MASTERSEAL 581 THOROSEAL Cement Slurry

    MASTERSEAL 581 is a cement based waterproofing material that forms a brushable slurry when mixed with specified quantity of water, for coating on to prepared concrete and masonary surfaces. The coating cures to form a water impermeable membrane with excellent

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    GENERAL PROTECTOBIT is available in roll form, one metre wide x ten metres long or other lengths upon request PROTECTOBIT is flexible and can be ‘formed, around curved or rounded surfaces. PROTECTOBIT, whilst not designed as a waterproofing material impervious to

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    DEEP PENETRATIVE WATERPROOFING SEALER Description CSI -TS is a concrete enhancer and waterproofing sealer originated from Canadian-European technologies. It is designed to protect the concrete from harmful chemicals for extension of concrete life. Deep concrete penetrative ability enables CSI -TS

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    VIASEAL UREA 40/70

    VIASEAL UREA 40/70 is used as spray applied, crack-bridging waterproofing coating for a variety of applications in the construction industry. Applications include tanking, subterranean concrete structures, podium decks, waterproofing layer in car park deck coating systems, tunnel portals, firefighting water

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